the project

The Argentaia estate, with its 80 hectares, is placed in the area of  Banditaccia, a few minutes away from the municipality of Magliano, in Tuscany. A lonely and simple place, but rooted in a precious territory, rich in settlements dating back to the Etruscan period and the Middle Age, represented by the monastery of San Bruzio (XI century) to be  easily reached by walking too. Wandering through these lands, there is nothing but being  astonished  by them. Visiting the Argentaia Estates means to get in touch with our own self, creating an almost symbiotic tie with the surrounding environment, filling up  body and soul. The main core probably dates back to the Middle Age and has been made from the remains of a cloistered  monastery. The accurate restoration performed, has allowed to bring to light the ancient elements,  carried out in full respect of shapes and materials, leaving all the architectural features of the original building unchanged.

Starting from here, the project of a medieval borough was born and made today according to the rules of yesterday  in a constant practise of simplicity and rigour. The result  has been that of an imposing building , made of three towers  with  levelled  pool, where guests will experience the monastery life according to the rhythms of nature, gaining  possession of time and space. The project is being completed under care of the architect Edoardo Milesi. The impact on the territory is very low: towers are perfectly incorporated in the surrounding landscape and they have been built in eco-sustainable materials, according to the old rules of the Middle Age. On arrival,  beyond the garden, an entrance door leads to the building . The hall is a dark corridor revealing caves of light. The spiritual atmosphere that one breathes breaks with the surrounding world leading the visitor to an essential and rigorous context dominated by the refusal of fashions without aiming at any form of showing off , but capable at the same time to fascinate thanks to the unique and essential conditions to be found here only.