the philosophy

Argentaia is a dream come true: a  dream born and grown in the Maremma Toscana, that with its history and wine secrets has become the perfect junction of nature, art and spirituality. This idea gave life to an ambitious and exciting bet, which during time has turned into agreement between man and place, aimed at creating a new and well inserted space, unique in its genre, meant for luxury guests. The name selected is an homage to the Argentario promontory, where the estate overlooks with its vineyards and olive trees, the oldest in this area.

Here parameters are inverted and traditional comforts leave space to the value of experience. Guests can take advantage of a free zone, where he redeemed from the daily chaos and find the time to think and meditate, are available in a contemporary monastery. But Argentaia is even more, an art vineyard as he likes to call it its Founder, entrepreneur and patron with a passion for architecture and painting, he wanted to respect the artistic vocation of the place, down to interior space laboratories and permanent galleries . A painting in the open air, as well as a privileged position where a true dialogue is established between man and nature.